9 Warm Socks Your Poor Freezing Toes Need This Winter
warm socks for women


I used to always wonder why the hell someone drop $30 on a pair of socks. Well, that was before I moved from Florida to New York. I’ll never forget the day I tried to make my way to the subway during my first snowstorm. My weak boots and sad regular socks left my toes fah-reezing!

In order to make it through winter—like a REAL New Yorker and not an “oh no, it’s 69 degrees” Floridian—without frostbite, cheap socks you grab on your way to the register aren’t gonna cut it.

For all of us, I’ve wrangled up some very, very warm socks. And, nope, not all of them are obnoxiously thick. Alert: Bulky does not always equal warm. Sleek pairs made out of the right fabrics—like soft Merino wool—will keep toes toasty, even on the coldest days. See exactly what I mean, below.

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The ankle-length pick

Marled Cozy Cabin Socks

Field & Stream dickssportinggoods.com


Don’t let the shorter ankle design on this pair fool ya. These socks are made with a double-layer of material, so the lowest temperatures won’t get to your feet.


The cozily-lined option

Pom-Pom Socks

Ugg nordstrom.com


If you’re worried about sweating, grab this moisture-wicking, fleece-lined pair.


The runner’s choice

Run Socks

Falke falke.com


Going outside for a jog in the cold can suck without warm socks. This pair gets extra love from me, thanks to the cushioned sole.


The bad-weather hero

Boot Socks

Hunter zappos.com


It could be pouring or snowing, but your feet will most definitely stay completely dry and warm in Hunter’s genius boot socks.


The waterproof one

Skiing Socks

RANDY SUN amazon.com


$24.99 (34% off)

No matter how old your boots are, no icy water will get to your feet when you wear this waterproof pair of warm socks.


The dressy style

Smartwool Cable II

Smartwool zappos.com


You could put on your dress shoes with this cozy wool option that’s also decorated with a cute cable-knit design.


The colorful ones

Marls Calf Sock

Bombas bombas.com


Here’s a pair that comes in 17 different shades. And it’s made out of the same exact yarn used to make warm scarves.


The high-end winner

Striped Cable-knit Wool Socks

Gucci net-a-porter.com


These are admittedly pricey, but they will seriously keep your feet warm (and looking fly as hell), thanks to some fancy insulating wool material.


The affordable pair

Heattech Socks, Set of 2

Uniqlo uniqlo.com


Go ahead and clap it up for Uniqlo’s $6 sock. They aren’t bulky at all, and the patented material will keep your toes warm. 

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