‘Bachelor’ Fans Are Convinced a Massive Spoiler Got Tweeted About Who Wins
  • Bachelor fans think a recent tweet from Lauren Zima means Hannah Ann Sluss definitely didn’t win.
  • FYI, there’s also a Venmo theory that Hannah Ann *did* win.

So much tea was spilled during The Bachelor last night I am fully scorched. Not only did Peter Weber accidentally post-and-delete a video of himself and Hannah Ann Sluss in bed on his Instagram Stories (from their Fantasy Suite, don’t panic), a tweet from Lauren Zima had fans spiraling.

FYI, Lauren Zima is a host on Entertainment Tonight, is known for her hilarious Bachelor Nation coverage, and also happens to be dating Chris Harrison. So when it comes to The Bachelor, she’s considered a pretty solid source. And last night, she hit twitter with this:

The tweet was quickly deleted after fans assumed it meant Peter doesn’t pick Hannah Ann, but honestly there’s a good explanation. Everyone’s simply misinterpreting the wording:

“I deleted it because it was confusingly worded on my part,” Lauren explained. “I meant more along the lines of ‘how could he possibly not pick hannah ann after all this when he is saying they’re 100% going to be there for each other forever’—does that make sense? Hard to say in written word.”

Makes sense. And as a reminder, there are still very few spoilers about who wins Peter’s season—it could basically be anyone at this point. But if you love theories, a bunch of people think Hannah Ann wins because of Venmo, and a buncha other people think Madison Prewett wins becuase of some spoiler-y pics!


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