Does Madison Prewett Leave ‘The Bachelor’ Next Week?
  • The trailer for Monday’s episode of The Bachelor makes it seem like Madison Prewett might not show up for the Rose Ceremony.
  • Warning: SPOILERS are below!

Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor ended without a Rose Ceremony, meaning we have to wait an entire week to find out who Peter Weber sent home after the Fantasy Suites. Unless you’re into spoilers, in which case hello and welcome.

So, the trailer for next week’s episode strongly implies that Madison Prewett doesn’t show up to the Rose Ceremony and you might be wondering what the deal is. Did she leave the show over Peter having sex with his other contestants? Did she jut roll in late? What! Is! Happening!

Kay, so according to Reality Steve, Madison 100 percent does show up—and she fully accepts Peter’s rose. Apparently Victoria F. and Hannah Ann simply arrive to the Rose Ceremony location first (followed by Peter) and they “feel uncomfortable that Madison isn’t there, especially Hannah Ann.” Better late than never, I guess!

At this point, we know that (again, SPOILER ALERT!) Peter gives his roses to Hannah Ann and Madison, meaning Victoria F. goes home. So, Hannah Ann and Madison are officially Peter’s final two, and it’s anyone’s guess who wins this thing. Some people think it’s Hannah Ann based off a Venmo Theory, and others think it’s Madison since she was spotted filming with a Bachelor crew. Meanwhile, a small corner of the internet thinks Peter ends up with his producer, which…lol!


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