How to Make Every Damn Pair of Jeans Look Really, Really Good

These days, it seems that there’s no place that jeans are considered inappropriate. Countless offices have been freed from the constraints of strict dress codes (not to mention it’s now arguably “cooler” to make less of an effort on a night out than we once did). As such, jeans have become the ultimate round-the-clock staple as opposed to the weekend throw-on they were once considered to be.

However, with such copious wear comes inevitable outfit boredom. How are you supposed to feel inspired about styling the item that has become the closest thing you have to a second skin?

Speaking from experience, I found that a short break—be it a few days or a week—was all I needed to reignite my denim fire. I planned my non-jean outfits in advance, then, as I tend to use my commuting time for scrolling anyway, I began to archive how to wear jeans when my self-imposed ban was lifted. The fruits of which you’ll find below.

While straight-leg jeans are my personal preference, I’ve categorised the inspo by jean style. Simply hone in on your go-to and see how influencers are wearing theirs. “How to wear jeans?” is a question you’ll never have to pose to yourself again.


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